God's will be done...learning to walk in His shadow

This week was one of struggles and triumphs but the one thing that has been on my mind has been God's will or desire for my life. When I wake up in the morning is it him I choose to serve?  I think that a lot of times we are so driven by our desires and our own aspirations that we forget that we are here to serve our King, the Lord.  I try to start each day with a prayer and reflection of what God is asking of me, for that particular day.  Sometimes it seems as simple as brushing your teeth, He is asking me to think first of his desires and allow him to lead my directions. Other times it seems like a struggle to stay on a path at all, so many distractions and shiny objects calling to me.  What can we do as Christians to please our Lord? I think it is simple, think of him 1st and then follow his lead.  He has so many great things planned for us and only he knows how it is going to turn out. He knows we will stray off course and perhaps even choose to go in reverse away from his guidance, but he also is such a merciful God and understands that we are still human!  We just waits patiently for us to ask for help, and picks us up, brushes us off and sends us down the path lined with hope, faith and love!

Take a moment today to reflect on what God is calling you to do, what path will he send you down, what surprises await you.  Don't waste a moments notice, start now.

Living Life Through Child's Eyes.....Lead by our creator, God!

     When children see themselves for the first time, they are in awe.  They look into that mirror and see another child looking back, giggling when they do, waving at them.  They see a friend ready to play with them, they do not know judgment or betrayal.

     How do you see yourself? Do you see a loving wife, caring mother and a helpful child? So what do you think God sees?  I believe that God knows us better then we know ourselves and therefore sees every flaw, every smile and every thought before we do.  Why then are we so interested in trying to impress him, or better yet, try to control all the situations, instead of letting God lead us?''

Today take the time to look at your whole self as God does.  Flawed, Broken, and ready to be Transformed in His work!  Love and live life for God, all he asks is for us to tell the good news!

God's Love for us wanderers. (Hosea)

To have a love for his people despite our short comings....wanting to go our own way, throwing a fit when things go wrong, and basically giving up despite all that he has done for us.  That is our God, he once talked about wandering of his people, Israel.  He kept asking us to follow him and he would protect us, loving us.  We still didn't trust him and his plans.  In Hosea, he talks about us being a wayward son who is loved no matter what we do.  He states that, " When Israel was a child, I called for him...but the more I called, the further they went from me.  It was I who taught Ephriam to walk; but they didn't realize it was me who healed them. I led them w/ cords of human kindness, with ties of love." Hosea 11:1-4  Where were we when God called to us, "Come back, let me shelter you from the storms"?  I believe we tend to become fearful of our ways and then think we must try to figure out how to gain God's trust and love.  He is always there waiting with open arms to catch us, comfort us and show us the right way~His!  Israel, as we do, didn't realize that God was there to lead us, care for us and lift our troubles. 

Think of Luke 15:3-7 ~His ppl are lost and he rescues them one by one.  Despite having a whole flock, he doesn't abandon one for the others.  He will rejoice at finding this one lost sheep as he will when his "children" return home and repents for his sins.  These are the people who are most valuable to God and the reason that he sent his only son, to die for us!  Think of this parable as one about helping us to find our way, not as unbelievers but as one who has wandered a stray and become lost.  He treasures each one of us as a wandering soul not lost forever but just misguided for a short time.  Repent and allow him to "receive you with open arms, drawing you close to him, rejoicing. His compassion & love are much greater then our sins." (Psalm 103:8-14)

When we became wanderers, God didn't get upset and leave us to our own devices.   He continues to try and gather his flock.  We are his sheep, his family and being a good father, he will always love us even if we go astray and follow the world.  Keep him in your heart and pray for him to lead you back home.  Allow God to guide you and repent for those things that you cling to; the thingsfrom your past that keep you from him.

Living Life As Honorable Wife and Mom

Well today I sit here and ponder what life would be like if we were all honorable. I was doing morning prayers and came across a story of Daniel living as a prophet of ancient times. He was asked to give insight to dreams and help others (kings) to understand what the future was for them. Can you imagine being ask to foresee the future whatever it might be. I would definatly not be able to foresee let alone tell the king bad news. What a brave and faithful servant that Daniel was. He told the kings what God meant and how to follow God alone. He wasn't afraid to tell others the truth and even though he believed in one God, others believed him. They believed his words to be honest and true. They told of wars, famine, betrial of others and to his God. What would we do when posed with such a problem....tell the truth despite what it may lead to or try to tell the king what he wants to hear? The other prophets and magicians tried to tell the king lies and it got them deeper into hatred and loathing from their king. When posed with such a question of love and devotion, what would your answer to such a question be: To whom are you faithful to? To whom do you worship? To whom do you honor?

Honor yourselves by staying true to your faith and your heavenly father, agree to follow him and have faith in his plans despite your own ideas and choices. Make yourself honorable in the lives of those who look up to you, your children. Try telling the truth and give God all the glory by seeing through his eyes and not through the worlds' eyes.