Living Life As Honorable Wife and Mom

Well today I sit here and ponder what life would be like if we were all honorable. I was doing morning prayers and came across a story of Daniel living as a prophet of ancient times. He was asked to give insight to dreams and help others (kings) to understand what the future was for them. Can you imagine being ask to foresee the future whatever it might be. I would definatly not be able to foresee let alone tell the king bad news. What a brave and faithful servant that Daniel was. He told the kings what God meant and how to follow God alone. He wasn't afraid to tell others the truth and even though he believed in one God, others believed him. They believed his words to be honest and true. They told of wars, famine, betrial of others and to his God. What would we do when posed with such a problem....tell the truth despite what it may lead to or try to tell the king what he wants to hear? The other prophets and magicians tried to tell the king lies and it got them deeper into hatred and loathing from their king. When posed with such a question of love and devotion, what would your answer to such a question be: To whom are you faithful to? To whom do you worship? To whom do you honor?

Honor yourselves by staying true to your faith and your heavenly father, agree to follow him and have faith in his plans despite your own ideas and choices. Make yourself honorable in the lives of those who look up to you, your children. Try telling the truth and give God all the glory by seeing through his eyes and not through the worlds' eyes.

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