'Tis the Season to be Grateful and Forgive

As we approach the new holiday season on Thanksgiving, let us take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of that 1st thanksgiving meal. It was to put aside the past differences and traditions, starting a new one in a vast new World.

I can't help but also take a look at my own life thus far and try to make sense of it (the season of life I am currently in).  I love that I have been able to stay home with my girls and see them grow into mature ladies.  I am thankful for my husband who devotes countless nights to working for our benefit.  I am grateful we live in a country that allows me to worship our God and freely give those foundations to my children.  I am forever in debt to our Lord for giving me that same grace & freedom to be a daughter of his.  I am offered a chance to in turn bring that peace to others. 

When you get down to it, I am a sinner born from our Heavenly father to be saved by his only Son and in the end a "new creation" adopted into his family in heaven. I can see the sin that has weaved into my life and the steps I have strayed from him as I grew in faith and stature.  I love that no matter where I was in life or faith that he is by my side waiting to guide me back to him.  I cherish my life; time spent learning his Word, knitting my heart with his wisdom, unconditional love and abounding grace. 

As you sit down and reflect on your year with family near by and tummy full, reflect too on your relationship with our heavenly Father. To forgive yourself first then others. To be grateful for all you have is to have hope and faith in our Lord.