Review and Giveaway for "Women Living Well" ~by Courtney Joseph. Check it out.

"Women Living Well: Finding Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, and Your Home"

Reading this book allows us insight to the reader and also to our lives as moms.  We all struggle from time to time with worry about our kids, our jobs as moms, our responsibility to our homes and our duty as Godly wives to our husbands.  This book was such a joyous blessing for me. 

There is a few quotes that really spoke to me: “We could have exactly what the neighbors have, if we would simply water our yard and tend to it!”   I always think that the other women I know have it all together. We can begin to think other families don't understand or perhaps can't relate to our issues. This is when we need to fix our eyes on our heavenly father and remain in his word.  If we begin to look inward, to our lives and our hearts, we can begin to heal and renew our families, homes, relationship with kids and spouse. 

“Give yourself permission not to have your to-do list all checked off in order for you to rest and get alone with God.”  I tend to be one of those moms that takes time to be with God alone when kids are in bed and house is quiet.  I want to be refreshed in his holy spirit and be renewed so that I can begin my day with them in a good way.  I can get the spiritual nourishment to help make me a better mom, wife and women.  I sense his quiet whispering voice, as it gives me strength and wisdom, to deal with whatever my day might hold.  He gives me his words to guide my girls on living like Jesus and his peace to keep myself calm no matter what comes our way.  When I stray from his word and that time to deepen my relationship with God, I have a poor day and tend to be easily swayed towards the dark side.  I am more grumpy, more quick to judge others and more easily frustrated with my kids.  Does that mean that even in those day that I spend time with God, things can't go wrong?  No, I just mean that I am better equipped to handle whatever each day brings.

“My children will only be as disciplined with their emotions as I am with mine.”   This is one of those things I find myself thinking of after the fact.  I tend to get overstressed and then just blow.  I expect my children to be behaved and then do not restrain myself when I am tired after a long day.  We are the first to explain how they should behave: non-judgmental, loving towards others and being willing to forgive others; but then we have a weak moment and judge others, show hatred towards strangers and hold grudges towards those we claim to be friends with.  This new age of modern technology doesn't help this basic instinct that we, women, have.  You can look back in the bible and see how women in history have done such things and then expect their offspring to be Godly people.  We need to be that example that our children see and want to follow.  We want to be able to help our children along the way and be the guide they come to for advice when they are faced with a difficult choice.    

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