Living Life Through Child's Eyes.....Lead by our creator, God!

     When children see themselves for the first time, they are in awe.  They look into that mirror and see another child looking back, giggling when they do, waving at them.  They see a friend ready to play with them, they do not know judgment or betrayal.

     How do you see yourself? Do you see a loving wife, caring mother and a helpful child? So what do you think God sees?  I believe that God knows us better then we know ourselves and therefore sees every flaw, every smile and every thought before we do.  Why then are we so interested in trying to impress him, or better yet, try to control all the situations, instead of letting God lead us?''

Today take the time to look at your whole self as God does.  Flawed, Broken, and ready to be Transformed in His work!  Love and live life for God, all he asks is for us to tell the good news!

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