God's will be done...learning to walk in His shadow

This week was one of struggles and triumphs but the one thing that has been on my mind has been God's will or desire for my life. When I wake up in the morning is it him I choose to serve?  I think that a lot of times we are so driven by our desires and our own aspirations that we forget that we are here to serve our King, the Lord.  I try to start each day with a prayer and reflection of what God is asking of me, for that particular day.  Sometimes it seems as simple as brushing your teeth, He is asking me to think first of his desires and allow him to lead my directions. Other times it seems like a struggle to stay on a path at all, so many distractions and shiny objects calling to me.  What can we do as Christians to please our Lord? I think it is simple, think of him 1st and then follow his lead.  He has so many great things planned for us and only he knows how it is going to turn out. He knows we will stray off course and perhaps even choose to go in reverse away from his guidance, but he also is such a merciful God and understands that we are still human!  We just waits patiently for us to ask for help, and picks us up, brushes us off and sends us down the path lined with hope, faith and love!

Take a moment today to reflect on what God is calling you to do, what path will he send you down, what surprises await you.  Don't waste a moments notice, start now.

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