God is our Strength and our Savior, Redeemer....are you following Him?

God,it is our worship and praises that should show our outward signs that God is present in our lives and the Holy Spirit is present in our daily lives.....Do you show that?

do you wake every day and praise him all the days, even the ones that make you kneel and cry, begging for the Lord to take away the hurt?  do you remember as you pray that God lost his only son for your sins?  take a moment to reflect with me on why our God is holy, and why he is our Savior, Abba Father and Redeemer!  Is he touching your hand and guiding your daily walk in life or are you like the nagging child asking for God to follow you to the next isle to get what you want?  The Lord is waiting to take your hand and lead you down the path of righteousness and wants us to follow his lead, not do your bid! 

The book I am focused on is "Celebration of Discipline and it asks each of us to take a moment and pause , rewind and redo our walk in/with Christ!  The current chapter is Submission....can you submit to your God?  Become a servant for Christ and work on your daily walk to learn to focus and come where he guides you to a closer. inimate walk with our Savior and Redeemer to a place that is Heaven!
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Join me on this journey....it won't be easy but you will be stronger and closer to God!

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