Tis the Season to be jolly.....Fa la la la la la la la

Venturing out this week, you will see much that surrounds us.  I am more concerned with that which we do not see.  The Lord has opened my eyes many times, but it is more than once.  He is helped me to see those who are suffering and living a life without Christ.  Jesus has helped me to see the true meaning of the season of his birth.  It is to open our eyes to those who know not the Lord, to help us to see those around us who walk blindly away from the our Lord into the worldly possession that they surround their lives with. Those possessions that  we can not take with us, yet occupy most of our time.  With this time, God ask for us to starve ourselves of such worldly things to give them up for Godly time.  Do we not owe our God, the one who sent his only Son to save us, that time.  So I take time each morning to praise him for all he has done and will do in my life. I try to open my eyes to those around me in pain and suffering and help them.  Show them that my life means something to the Almighty and bring hope to a life which might have been lived for the glory of man and allow others to see our King in Heaven.  He asks me to make time for others, to heal those who suffer, to bring cheer to those who are in pain, to pray for those who are in chains, to sing to those who have lost the way, to bring faith to those with none, to be a family to those without one, to be a friend to those in need of someone, to bring my possessions to those with none.  I would like to be the Mother to those without one, but God has called me to be a friend and family to those without someone to care for them.  He is asking all of us to use them?  Take some time in prayer to ask the Almighty to grant you some peace, love and joy during this season.  Ask him to grant you time to spend with Him and for Him! 

Forget not that this time of year is to reflect on what we could do better, pray for guidance in your journey with Him and sing of Christmas cheer for those who have none.

Love and glory be to my King, AMEN.

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