Having a HEART for your children: Enrich your Marriage

How to see our marriage through God's eyes

It states in the beginning that God created man and women, "where two become one". It was the design of the bond with which God speaks of us needing that bond to complete ourselves.  We are like God in that we need companionship with others, a relationship to grow and confide in.  In 1Peter 4:8, Peter talks about the idea of loving each other, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  It is this sentiment that rings so true in a marriage.  We must learn to lean on our spouse, support each other and realize that neither of us is perfect.  We do make mistakes and sin againist our God and others as it is in our nature.  But is the forgiveness and love that are the greatest gifts we have received from our heavenly father.  It is through our Savior Jesus that this forgiveness and love shines.  It is also what God asks of us in marriage.  We all struggle for perfection and what we expect from a marriage can sometimes be more than we should expect.

 It is the reason that if God is first in our lives and we trust that he can provide for all our needs and humble ourselves before our spouse we can gain a marriage of trust, love and compassion.  To understand our partner we must first understand the role that God plays in our lives, and how he can bring us closer through a reliance and trust in our Lord and Savior first and foremost.  I know what you are thinking....I can handle it, I know what my spouse is thinking and what he wants from me....but just by saying that you are saying that you don't need God or his compassion.  Jesus came to this earth to save us from ourselves and bring our relationship with God to a point where we confide in Him asking for help and guidance, not independence.  We should be striving for a closeness and dependance on Him, not ourselves.  That is where most people get it wrong.  We try to do it on our own.  We try to trust in ourselves and our mates to get all we need.  We believe that is what God is asking of us as his children....to be individuals and trust in our own judgement and fall on own shoulders.

I have learned that through the years, if I try to depend on ourselves or our husbands we can begin to drag everyone down with us.  I learned to depend on no other besides God, to gain strength, compassions and understanding I can only get from our Father in Heaven.  I have made mistakes and walked away from him, thought I needed some time from the Lord and even tried to solve my problems without asking for help from him.  I have seen troubles knock on my door and thought they would go away.  I know that most people don't seem to want to ackowledge that they need a God or that they can't be truly happy without him, but I speak from personal trials.  He is important to balance and health of any relationship whether husband, father, mother, or child.  He is the reason we are so relational and want to have a close bond with our husband, the reason we leave our parents and "safe" home to venture into the world and learn more about not only ourselves but our partners in life, husbands. 

Thank you Amanda, for allowing me this time to reflect on life in my marriage and how that can reflect on who my girls will want to marry and partner up with.

God bless, Kim Swiczkowski

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